Thursday, November 25, 2010

No-Bake Cookies - Bachelor's Buttons

Well, like I said, I am back again today with the no-bake cookies. I stumbled upon this recipe while looking for something else!! I saw the link in google and thought, how do u make a cookie without baking it? Now, this I must read!! After reading the very simple recipe, I bookmarked it for another day. And that day was today.

Here's the link to the original post and below my version. I didn't use any butter or milk in the recipe.

Marie Biscuits - 30
Sweetened Condensed Milk - 2/3 cup
Unsweetened Cocoa powder - 1 tbsp (adjust based on your cocoa pwdr)

For the topping
Icing sugar - 2-3 tbsps
Sugar flowers or Cadbury's Gems

Quarter biscuits, powder and sift
Add cocoa to the sifted biscuit powder
Sift into a large mixing bowl
Pour in condensed milk
Bring together to form a ball, if it doesn't come together add a tsp of milk
Divide into equal sized balls
Roll in icing sugar
Place sugar flower or cadbury's gems on top

And it is ready to serve!! I got around 22-25 cookies from the above measures. I am sending this off to Madhuri @ Cook-curry nook for her Blog's 1st anniversary event - Choco Fest! Happy First Anniversary Madhuri!!! :)


Sayantani Mahapatra Mudi said...

Hi Geeta, came here form Suma's place. goof to have found you. love your space with all these mouth watering pictures. love these cookies and the decorations.

Geetha said...

Hey Sayantani,
Thank you for visiting my blog. :)

I loved yours & now I know just where to go next time I want to try my hand at a bengali sweet :)

Anjana said...

Hi Geetha, It is amazing to see Bachelor's Buttons coz my mom was a Cookery teacher way back in the 80's and this was one of the dishes she would teach her students and I would get to eat... Just got nostalgic.. Miss those days... will surely make few for my brats. Thankyou!!

Geetha said...

Hey Anjana, hmm you must be a great cook yourself... :) so are you gonna be posting your recipes?

do try them & let me know how ur kids liked it. Also, pls chk out the original post for variations in the recipe. And Namrata says in the original recipe that her mom used to make these cookies during her cooking classes too!!!

Sunny said...
This is excellent, finally a food portal which understands what food lovers are looking for. Best wishes and congratulations to the Food Kingdom team!

Rao said...

Geeta :), Loving your blogs! :)
Starting off , with this one Bachelor's Button :)