Wednesday, February 3, 2010

No Recipe in this one

hey... I just wanted to say that I made and sold 3-4 batches of muffins & about 30 vegetable puffs!! I made the pastry sheets too!! And am mighty pleased with myself!!!

Where? How?, you ask.. well there was a food festival organized in the community where we live. So, I asked my husband - "What do you think I should make?" and he says "Vegetable Puffs, of course!!" Then we went hunting for puff pastry sheets in Bangalore, and didn't find them.

I've been thinking of making the pastry sheets for a while, but the process is lengthy., and I couldn't make the time. And now I did!! (rather had to, since I'd already committed to making the puffs!!!)

Made a batch with wheat flour & butter substitute - this didn't get all flaky on baking. Stuck that in the freezer & made another batch with all-purpose flour & unsalted butter - these were melt-in-the-mouth good!!! Yay!!!

I made 4 kinds of muffins - chocolate chip, banana nut, oatmeal raisin & rum & raisin - yes, with real rum!!

Recipe? Hmm now that is what I am so irritated about - I haven't had the time to post the recipes yet!!!


Suma said...

Hi Geetha. This is Suma. Great to come across your blog. Congratulations on making puffs successfully,, double congrats on selling them too! Can Imagine the high:-)) Please do post the recipe,would love to try it out! Am trying to collect and update info on baking and cooking stuff in Bangalore in my blog. Whew! That was long comment:-))

Suma Rowjee said...

Hey Geetha! Waiting for ur recipe!

Abipraaya said...

Hi Geetha,

Abitha here. Great blog. Keep it going. Do post the receipe. Am waiting for it. :)